The Adoored Project

Adoored Limited are a UK based composite door specialist producing, supplying and installing a range of high quality doors for more than a decade.

From traditional Victorian and Edwardian style doors to contemporary European styles, Adoored, have a range of of composite doors for you to choose from. With a wide choice of colours, glass options and accessories available, you’ll be sure to find the dream door for your home.

Adoored, came to us at the end of 2015 citing for a mobile optimised website to be functional across a wide range of devices and screen sizes. We were also tasked with the responsibility of simplifying the existing website which, made the process of buying a door far too convoluted than it really needed it to be.

Website Optimisation

Following an evaluation of the existing Adoored website it was clear to see that another important area that needed addressing was the load time of the website. Research has shown that a high percentage of website visitors are likely to leave your website if load time is more than 2 seconds. The existing Adoored website was taking anywhere between 4-6 seconds depending on connection speeds. By utilising the latest techniques we began overhauling the existing website, building a responsive framework, ensuring the website was as light and fast as possible on both mobile and desktop devices.

We launched the website within 2 months of acquiring the work. Since then we have been working closely with the Adoored team to improve their online presence using SEO and Google Adwords campaigns.

Our graphic design and marketing team have been busy designing and producing a range of promotional flyers, keyrings, folded business cards and branded plush dormice toys. Adoored also recognised the need for targeted postcard drops, referral vouchers and email templates to ensure that the Adoored brand was put front and centre and generate leads.