Online marketing for e-commerce

Ideal Mats is a UK based business specialising in the manufacture and sale of pretty much any type of mat you can possibly imagine.

From traditional “coir” mats (the brushy, bristly type of mats you probably imagine when thinking of a welcome mat) to super absorbent modern mats - the team at Ideal Mats are passionate about every one of their products.

Ideal Mats started trading online in 2011, but actually, have over 20 years of experience in the matting industry. This vast experience, combined with their enthusiasm for the industry is what gives Ideal Mats the edge over their competitors.

On the fly re-designs

From 2014 Alpha Marketing has taken charge of Ideal Mats online marketing, setting out an SEO and Pay per Click marketing plan for the foreseeable future. By leveraging our experience in search engine optimisation and paid online advertising, we’ve begun to inject some fresh ideas into their online marketing.

A huge part of Ideal Mats business is creating custom designed logo mats and coir logo mats, with your bespoke company branding or welcome message printed on.

One of the first tasks we completed was working closely with the Ideal Mats team to redesign their websites logo mat page.

Using custom PHP development integrated into their existing shopping cart we’ve added live chat functionality and replaced the standard shopping cart interface with a streamlined enquiry form that guides the customer through the details they will need to provide in order for the Ideal Mats team to provide the highest quality logo mat possible.

Search Engine Optimisation

Alpha Marketing are also working hard to optimise the Ideal Mats site for search engine ranking. An e-commerce site of this size, with its huge range of products and options is a massive undertaking; one that we’re more than up to the task of. Out of the gate, we started overhauling the website - removing unnecessary design elements and unifying the website.

Every site we perform search engine optimisation for is evaluated thoroughly from the outset. We test site load speed, research optimum keywords, examine content quality, evaluate existing meta, content and structural issues, examine page authority, check for Google ranking penalties and review many other factors.

Using this data we can then formulate an SEO strategy tailored to a specific website, prioritising key weaknesses.

We’re also working with Ideal Mats to optimise their Google Adwords campaign.

By installing conversion tracking code provided by Google into the Logo Mats form it gives us a clear idea of how the campaign is performing and allows us to tweak keyword bids towards search terms that more often turn into enquiries.