SMB Restoration Ltd

SMB Restoration Ltd is a cleaning company specialising in internal brick and stone cleaning, paint stripping and fa├žade cleaning. Our expert knowledge has been developed over 2 generations which allows us to provide expert advice in all aspects of brick and stone restoration.

They work with a number of sectors including heritage and conservation as well as facilities managers in the commercial industry, with all work carried out to the highest standards.

Website Design & Development

SMB Restoration Ltd came to us at the start of 2018 looking to bring their existing website right up to date. Following discussions with the guys at SMB Restoration Ltd, it was decided to have a complete overhaul of the brand including a new logo and business cards.

With the new branding now set in place, the website was designed and then following approval developed over 3-months and then launched.


Following the launch of the new website, we organised another meeting with SMB Restoration to discuss how they can get more from their website. To get the website ranking on Google we started Search Engine Optimisation in December 2018.