T.H.E Best Butchers

Based on a farm in the outskirts of Milton Keynes - T.H.E Best Butchers are not your average, white hat wearing butchers.
Specialising in dry aged steaks, traditionally smoked dry-cured bacon and sausages made from locally reared woodland pork. Inspired by cultures across the world they offer cuts and styles of meat that you certainly won't find in your local supermarket, or even your local butchers shop.

Bespoke website

We worked extremely closely with the owner of T.H.E Best Butchers, a highly talented photographer as well as butcher and business owner, to bring his brand vision to life as a website.

The website is built as a showcase for his photos and video - with custom created graphics and textures that fit the rugged, down to earth feel of T.H.E Best Butchers brand.

We took the hassle out of their domain configuration, ensuring the transition from their old template website went off without a hitch and setting up the online storefront as a sub-domain.

Online Shop

The main goal of the new website was to make T.H.E Best Butchers unique and exciting range of steak, bacon and sausages available to the entire country, without requiring a visit to their shop based near Milton Keynes.

We developed a clean and easy to use e-commerce website that put the stunning product photos at the forefront, with minimal fussiness. Utilising our decades of marketing experience and working closely with the butchery team we wrote compelling descriptions for every cut of meat and product available.

This was the companies first experience with e-commerce and when there were questions about shipping, categorisation, order processing and product configuration we were there to help answer them.

Online Marketing

A modern and stylish website is of no use without customers and we developed an online marketing plan from the outset of the project, coding the site to be a strong contender for search ranking on Google.

The day the new website launched we started managing the online marketing, tracking traffic and setting up low cost advertising to bring in customers.