A New Website for Woburn Car Leasing

Woburn Car Leasing is a car leasing company based in Woburn specialising in high-end car leasing as well as van leasing and short-term rental agreements. They specialise in working with start-ups and foreign-owned businesses who can often have difficulty getting finance agreements with larger car leasing companies. They offer a completely personal service, which, allows them to provide faster decisions ensuring you know exactly where you stand in the process.

Woburn Car Leasing came to us in April 2017, asking for a complete rebuild of their existing website. They required the website to meet modern standards and be optimised across all mobile and desktop devices.

They also required the deals pages to be more user-friendly and allow customers to quickly inquire about any deal advertised on the website.

We were required to build a clean and modern website that would stand the test of time. As a result of this, we were also asked to rework the logo so it would fit with design of the website.