Company Rebrand

The Milton Keynes Advanced Motorists (MKAM) is an organisation dedicated to improving the standards of driving and road safety. MKAM is built around a strong team of volunteers, spanning a number of age groups, whom, are all keen for a better quality of driving and motoring. MKAM encourage all motorists to complete the Advanced Driving Test, with the team on hand to provide guidance on how to prepare best for it.

MKAM came to us asking for a complete rebrand of their trailer. The trailer required significant updating, with new vinyl decals to replace the old and weathered signage. Our graphic design team prepared visuals, which, included transforming the trailer from white to black, to enhance the impact of the colours from the logo and help to provide a clean and modern look.

Wrapping a vehicle using vinyl is a low cost way to brand your vehicle with your company's logo, slogan or message. It's a long term solution and helps to ensure that your business is always being advertised as your drive from job to job. Vehicle livery is the latest technique used to wrap any type of vehicle, as almost any type of image can be produced and then used and applied to your vehicle.

See how we helped transform MKAM's trailer below:





Customer Testimonial

Prior to engaging with Alpha Marketing our marketing was all over the place with no uniformed branding decisions. Our priority was to create versatile logos that can be used in a variety of ways from Polo shirts to Websites.

Once Alpha had worked their magic on our logos we were able to take the designs and have Alpha design the wrap for our Advertising trailer and the artwork for our advertising quills. Since engaging with Alpha Marketing our branding as a group has come on leaps and bounds!

Jack Norris - Milton Keynes Advanced Motorists