Fast and fabulous

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

The new generation of ink on fabric display and exhibition stands available are the ideal way to achieve high impact in a crowded space.

The stands are lightweight, durable and easy to assemble in just a few minutes. Their inventive and eye-catching formats include TV/media and literature stands, signage and backdrops, tables and furniture, gazebos, barrier covers, flags, walls plus more all the way up to large scale free-standing booths.

The stands are made up of a tubular aluminium frame and a printed fabric cover, designed to fit snugly over the assembled frame. The covers are washable and changeable making the frame hardware useful for any event or promotion many times over. Modern printing technology with a combination of dye-sublimation and latex printing techniques are used to ensure the best possible finish for your stand or display. All fabrics are fire retardant and meet B1 and M1 safety standards.

New in the UK are huge fabric booths and are a cost effective option for exhibitions – just rent a 'space only' stand and let the booth, printed on all sides, help you make a striking impression on the show floor. They also work as room dividers in open plan offices.

The clean and sleek look of fabric display stands and exhibition solutions bring innovation and impact to your business promotion and work well in any scenario including trade shows, networking events, permanent office decor and reception area kiosks.